How to use GestureHandler?



Gesture handlers would be really cool to have. There is a symbol called GestureHandler. It's eight years old (from v9) but intriguing to me, as I could never ever get it to work.

Does anyone know how to use it?

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The docs state that GestureHandler works for standard gestures: "Pinch", "Drag", "Spin", "Tap", "LongPress". But needless to say, the above never prints "Pinched!". The details section states:

that GestureHandler is only active on touchscreen devices and otherwise acts as an inert wrapper"...

But rather vaguely doesn't mention which touchscreen devices are supported, and in what wolfram (desktop, mobile, cloud...)?

What I've tried:

I've got nothing from any of the following approaches when running the ref page examples in v12.0 on:

  • Recent macs: iMac, Mac Pro, Macbooks Air/Pro
  • Recent touchscreen Windows and Linux machines
  • Recent iPad, iPhones, and Android devices with the Wolfram Cloud and CDF Player apps
  • Deploying Wolfram Cloud notebooks/pages and accessing them from the above-mentioned devices


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GestureHandler is currently only supported on iOS devices. Specifically, the Wolfram Player app. – ihojnicki – 2020-02-17T14:47:07.340

But laptop touchpads support those gestures as well, why not support MacBooks? – M.R. – 2020-02-21T18:25:27.843

Put simply, user demand. You should definitely submit your interest as feedback. – ihojnicki – 2020-02-22T03:25:07.290

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