A Graphics`Mesh`ConvexHull[] peculiarity



I have been unable to explain the behavior of Graphics`Mesh`ConvexHull[] on the following (highly simplified) example:

pts = {{-1/6, -1/18}, {-4/31, 1/9}, {-1/26, -12/73},
       {1/6, 2/37}, {1/26, 12/73}, {4/31, -1/9}};


idx = ConvexHull[pts];

idx2 = Most[First[FindCurvePath[pts]]];

GraphicsRow[{Graphics[Line[pts]], Graphics[Line[pts[[idx]]]], Graphics[Line[pts[[idx2]]]]}]

I get the following result on my system (version 8.0.4 on Linux, if it matters):

convex hull attempts on my points

As you can see, ConvexHull[] does not seem to work properly on my set of points, while FindCurvePath[] has no problem. However, I had wanted to use ConvexHull[] because it consistently orders points in an anticlockwise manner (or at the very least it seems to), while FindCurvePath[] sometimes orders points clockwise. I can break down and just implement the Graham scan myself, but I'd prefer to understand why the hidden convex hull routine is not behaving in the manner I expect.

Carlos Culo

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2Why are you bothering with Graphics\Mesh`? – m_goldberg – 2013-02-26T06:30:57.423

See my comment to your answer. – Carlos Culo – 2013-02-26T06:31:52.133

1Is Graphics``Mesh documented somewhere? – Dr. belisarius – 2013-02-26T12:12:25.520



I can not reproduce your problem. When I carry out the following evaluations



I get

enter image description here


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1As I mentioned in my post, I was using Graphics`Mesh`ConvexHull[] and not the implementation from the Computational Geometry package (I am aware of that, but due to a number of reasons, I prefer not to have to load a package)... – Carlos Culo – 2013-02-26T06:30:38.733

@CarlosCulo. If that's the case, then you are probably stick with the behavior you observe. – m_goldberg – 2013-02-26T07:12:37.200