Where is the "Insert > Citation> Bibliographical Reference" Command?



I don't have the command for inserting citations described in the documentation: "Insert > Citation> Bibliographical Reference" is not present in my menus:

enter image description here

That's the entire contents of my "Citation" menu: no "Bibliographical Reference" item anywhere to be seen.

How do I restore this item to my menus? What could I have done that would have removed it?


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FWIW: 9.0.1 (the problem was there in 9.0.0 also) and OS X 10.8.2. – orome – 2013-01-31T20:56:15.203

I'm running Mathematica 9.0 under windows 7 64-bit and that command IS present. This must be an operating system thing... – Todd Allen – 2013-01-31T20:59:22.383

@ToddAllen: I fear it may be a "my machine" thing. It's clearly suppose to be there. It was there the first few times I used 9.0, but I haven't seen it since. And the update to 9.0.1 has made no difference. – orome – 2013-01-31T21:02:31.643



If you're on Mac, then the documentation is unfortunately deceiving you. Here is a thread I found on MathGroup that says what I also found: there's no BibTeX support on Mac OS X, and this fact is intentionally omitted from the docs. I say "intentionally" because clearly the above thread indicates that they are aware of the mismatch between their docs and reality.

I was unable to find a way to load .bib files in Mathematica. I also use BibDesk which I consider a great substitute for EndNote. So the conclusion: use another editor for publication quality work.


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There also is no support on Linux. – Matt G – 2017-12-30T21:58:48.863

That could explain it. Though it would not explain why Wolfram's "Premier" (so called) "support" does not know about it. I've exchanged half a dozen e-mails with them about this, and all I get is mechanical responses that refer me to the documentation (the reading and re-reading of which is of course the initial source of my awareness of the feature), without a hint that it might not be supported on OS X. Also: it was present (though it didn't work) for a bit.

– orome – 2013-02-01T04:09:04.350

Confirmed! Though it tool Wolfram's "Premier" "support" 3 and a half months to finally answer my question (after many wrong and contradictory responses). Here's what I finally got: "It's only presently supported under Windows." – orome – 2013-02-12T19:41:35.100

That's an uncommonly long delay for a response. Maybe this means their lawyers got involved... so I better watch what I write... – Jens – 2013-02-12T20:46:48.347

In my experience, it's not a long time for a correct response. After more than 4 months, I'm still waiting for answers to several other simple questions. (But that's a discussion for another place.) – orome – 2013-02-12T20:51:57.260