How to display detailed output in Mathematica


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I want to display more detailed output from a calculation. The default command for calculation that I know is Shift + Enter. Is there another command to display detailed output.


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Peter Penzov

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1Could you make a specific, concrete example ? – – 2013-01-31T10:15:49.960

What is the calculation? – cormullion – 2013-01-31T10:15:54.823

I updated the post. Now I only get the final result. – Peter Penzov – 2013-01-31T10:19:20.433

1In jest I would propose you use $Post = Row[{"Much more detailed: ", #}] & which will now have for instance 2+3 output: Much more detailed: 5. However i think you should provide a much more detailed definition of what you want when you say "detailed". – jVincent – 2013-01-31T10:20:35.877

How do you get the result when you type in the mathematical task? – Peter Penzov – 2013-01-31T10:28:06.517

Are you asking for a "step-by-step" solution like Wolfram Alpha provides? – Stephen Luttrell – 2013-01-31T10:58:13.833

Yes, I suppose so. – Peter Penzov – 2013-01-31T11:13:54.897

2Maybe using Trace ? – – 2013-01-31T11:15:27.983

Yes! This is the solution. – Peter Penzov – 2013-01-31T11:17:35.467


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