Can Wolfram Development platform use wolfram alpha?


I would like to be able to acces/show the step by step solutions from wolfram alpha in a note book! Is this possible? An


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@Kuba: The answer to the question cited by you is outdated. BTW, the one does not deal with WA. – user64494 – 2017-08-10T15:09:15.130

@user64494 there are many answers aren't there?, and the 'click show step by step' still works. – Kuba – 2017-08-10T15:12:08.293

@Kuba: Yes, there are several answers there. But some things have changed to better since 2012/2014. – user64494 – 2017-08-10T15:37:54.077

1@user64494 Can't argue with that, but what is the point? I just linked related question, isn't it related? – Kuba – 2017-08-10T15:41:17.930



To access step-by-step solutions in Mathematica, type "==" before the limit/integral/derivative request and then click "show steps" in the result. Here is an example. Type


and then


See the long output here in Dropbox.


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is this the acces to wolfram alpha? are they the same? – thetha – 2017-08-10T17:18:42.877