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Can we calculate step by step functional derivative of the following functional by Mathematica?

$$J(y) = \int_{x_0}^{x_1} \left( y^6(x) \right) \, \mathrm{d}x$$


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Did you see VariationalD? What do you mean by step-by-step? Do you intend to sort of demonstrating students a variational procedure? – Alexei Boulbitch – 2017-03-20T14:07:28.187

Yes I saw command VariationalD and calculated it. Mathematica gives step by step solution in differential equations problems, I wonder that can it give step by step solution in this problem, too? Sorry, I am very new in Mathematica. – HD239 – 2017-03-20T16:16:18.833

As much as I know Mma gives NO step by step solution. Instead, it gives the result immediately. Mma is not a teaching, but a working tool. If one needs to make it a teaching tool, (which is possible, but not easy) he needs to work it out himself. – Alexei Boulbitch – 2017-03-20T20:49:32.350


– george2079 – 2017-03-20T20:54:33.847

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