WordOrientation does not work in v11?


Bug introduced in 11.0.1 and fixed in 11.1

It seems that WordOrientation does not work in v11. The sample code

input = ExampleData[{"Text", "AliceInWonderland"}];
WordCloud[input, WordOrientation -> "Random"]

produces an image with horizontal words only. Is there a potential workaround?


Posted 2017-02-28T03:48:20.977

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5Based on Open Cloud WordCloud[input, WordOrientation -> {-Pi/2,Pi/2}] also fails. – Mr.Wizard – 2017-02-28T04:00:41.393

I cannot reproduce this problem. – C. E. – 2017-02-28T09:05:56.560

@C.E. What is your version? I tested with 11.0.1 macOS. Do you still have 11.0.0? – Szabolcs – 2017-02-28T09:12:31.250

@Szabolcs Yes, I tested it on 11.0.0. – C. E. – 2017-02-28T09:13:38.570

3None of WordOrientation possible settings ("Random", "Vertical", {values}, ...) work for me either (v11.0.1). (Also strangely in the FE no info box is automatically popping up when pointer mouse is over it.) – SquareOne – 2017-02-28T10:03:27.163

So how do bug fixes work - will we have to way until v11.0.2 to see it? – Wynne – 2017-02-28T14:06:13.313

You have to first report it to Wolfram here, then you have to hope they get around to fixing it (this is not guaranteed).

– QuantumDot – 2017-02-28T19:40:24.043

@Lem.ma Maybe you'll be interested in this solution

– SquareOne – 2017-03-01T10:25:10.143

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