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  • Redacted.ch has several images linked from https://imgur.com instead of uploaded and displayed as thumbnails. These links may be accompanied by text mentioning that the editor couldn't upload images at the time, which also needs to be removed. Done June 2019
  • DragonflyBSD is reportedly a stub and need to be either removed or expanded.
  • Add to list of /g/-relevant Music/Movies/Anime. Done, and ongoing expansion
  • Webcams + how to set them up on Linux
  • Chairs/seating/Furniture
  • Add Riffle to Browsers
  • Recommended Web Hosting (free/pay).
  • Partitions
    • Change "Recommended Software" link on Main Page to a real page, rather than the disambiguation page.

  • Investigate whether the below has relevance to the /g/ community:

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