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  • August 2021 European Hitchgathering 2021 – Multiple locations are being discussed : vote for one of the proposals here and join the mailing list to participate in the discussion. Read the page for more information.

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  • 30 January 2021 Hitchwiki can (and already could) be browsed offline on Android smartphones. The offline file got updated. See While offline
  • 30 December 2020 New Trustroots' newsletter, with nice stories and insights. Don't hesitate to join Trustroots, a better alternative to (now paid) Couchsurfing, made by Hitchwiki volunteers!
  • 27 April 2019 - New Mailing List Since the old mailing list is down a new one was created on riseup.net. Subscribe and share with the users of the old mailing list as all the data was lost together with the list.

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Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)

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