What does 1811 British Monthly Magazine mean by the form: At [place], [person]?


I found a British Monthly Magazine from 1811 that states in part at the second paragraph starting on that page:

At Kemerton, Miss Mumford.
At Cheltenham, P. Evans, esq. of Abergavenny.
At Stroud, Mrs. Newman, wife of Mr. N. attorney.
At Cirencester, Mr. Pierce, druggist.

But I cannot figure out what they mean. Is this a birth announcement? I think not since adjacent entries give the profession of males. Is it a death announcement? I read the prior paragraphs and don't understand the context.

What does it mean for this magazine to state: At place, person.?


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They are death notices.

Go to the previous page, two paragraphs up from the bottom, and you will see the small heading: Died.]

Just for kicks, here are, I believe, the relevant burials:
Kemerton burials: 4 Jun 1811, Catherine Anne Mumford, aged 22 yrs
Stroud burials: 10 Jun 1811, Arabella wife of Charles Newman, age 39
Cirencester burials: 28 May 1811, John Pierce, Druggist

I couldn't see Mr Evans' burial, perhaps he was buried in Wales.

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The next long entry which describes the person's illness is also a clue that these are death notices. – Jan Murphy – 2015-09-08T04:55:14.727