Finding first marriage of William Franklin Greenfield of Patterson, Caldwell Co., North Carolina, USA?


I have been researching my Great-Grandfather, William Franklin Greenfield for many years and this is the timeline I have for him:

  • William was born around 1854 or so.
  • William was married to my Great-Grandmother, whose name was Martisha Cook Greenfield.
    • Martisha died in child birth on, March 20, 1914 when my Grandmother, Mary Lula Cook Greenfield Salyers was born.
    • Martisha was 25 and William was 55 or so.
  • William was originally from Patterson, Caldwell Co. N.C. His father's name was William J. Greenfield.

Is there a marriage certificate for William Franklin Greenfield for his first wife, who lived in Caldwell Co. N.C.?

My mother always said that William Franklin Greenfield was married before and had two daughters who ran away and was never heard from again.

My Grandmother, Mary Lula was adopted by Caroline Cook, who was Martisha's aunt. Caroline was married before and had one son. His name was Robert Greenfield. According to his birth certificate his fathers name is listed as W. W. Greenfield.

W.W. Greenfield may be the great-grandfather that I'm looking for. Caroline is listed in the 1900 Census under Finly Greenfield's household with her son, Robert. I do not know however who she was married to. I do not know what happened to William after Martisha died.

Also there is a rumor in our family that one of William's kin was found as a baby in a field in Greenfield and that's why they gave him the last name.

I have already searched these places: Myheritage, Familysearch, Geni, Wikitree, Usgenweb.

William Franklin Greenfield is listed as father on my grandmother's birth certificate. W.F.'s father is listed as W. J. Greenfield and his mother as Rosa Greenfield: enter image description here

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I have my Grandmother's Birth Certificate and William Franklin age is stated as being 55. My Grandmother was born in March 1914. They had to have been married before that. – Juanita Ellen Snider Sutphin – 2016-01-26T05:13:26.853

1@Juanita I know it's been a while since you asked this but I hope someone can come up with an answer for you. I'm still a little bit unclear when you say you're looking for William's first marriage – was his first marriage to Martisha, or was he was married before that? – Harry Vervet – 2016-02-18T18:15:00.287

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