How can I draw a family tree for blended / adoptive families?



I would like to draw a family tree, but I don't know how to represent some of the relations in the family.

How can I show:

  1. both the adoptive parents and the birth parents for an adopted child

  2. step daughters and sons

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I don't think there is a standard way to distinguish between adoptive and birth parents in a family tree. I would just show two sets of parents instead of the usual one, possibly adding an annotation. Some websites and programs let you distinguish among different types of parents.

Showing step-children seems straightforward. Just show them as being descended from their biological parents. The marriage relationship should make clear who their step families are:

Jane = Mike = Carole = John
     |               |
    Greg           Marcia

Greg and Marcia are step-siblings because their parents are married to each other.

Ellen Spertus

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Just a small tweak - I like to include the marriage order number with the marriage symbol. Otherwise, it can get pretty confusing. – bgwiehle – 2015-07-11T03:31:34.810

@bgwiehle Agreed. – Ellen Spertus – 2015-07-14T22:08:31.253