What does huba mean in this Polish Catholic marriage record?


I got my hands on a marriage record from Poland.

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It's written in Latin. Here's what I divined with the help of Google Translate:

Inter Josephem Wojnowski viduam de Bialybrod operanium et Hedwigam Wojteckam de huba Lukowo non uxor atam ad contrahendum matrimonium sacramentale benedictio Ecclesiae facta.

Which means roughly

Among Josephus Wojnowski widow of Bialybrod operating and Hedwiga Wojtecka of huba Lukowo, not his wife, contract this marriage, a sacramental blessing of this church.

My question is what the word huba is and what it means. It precedes the name of the bride's village. I thought maybe it would be village, city, or town but it's not any of those. huba doesn't appear to be a Latin word. It does mean mouth, fungus, or mushroom in Slovak, but that's clearly not relevant to this situation.


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Some small differences, especially in word endings:

Inter Josephum Wojnowski viduus de Bialybrod operanium et Hedwigem Wojleckem de huba Lukowo non uxor atam ad contrahendum matrimonium sacramentale benedictio Ecclesiae facta.

Translated, again small differences:

Between Joseph Wojnowski, widower of Bialybrod, laborer, and Jadwiga (or Hedwig) Wojlecka, of the estate of Lukowa, not his wife, to contract a marriage, a sacramental blessing of the church

Huba is not Latin, but (probably) latinized German*, related to 'Hube' [old land measure] and 'Hof' [estate or land-parcel]. Used above to distinguish the estate of Lukowa, from the other Lukowas, of various sizes and administrative status, in the region.

*possible that there are Polish words derived from similar roots


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Indeed, this has persisted in several villages names: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huby

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@skolima I believe that the "Huby" you have linked to is derived from the name of a mushroom. Such village names are very common here. – tsuma534 – 2016-03-03T13:17:24.553