Returning German air force record book to family of Walter Schamberger of Sonneberg?


I would like to find relatives of Walter Schamberger born 15/01/1910 in Oberlind, now part of the city of Sonneberg.

He was a flight leader in the German air force.

I am in possession of his record book and would like to return it to his family.

Stefania baylis

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What about scanning the record book for public access and returning the book to Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt), a federal organization maintaining records on servicemen? They can use the content to provide information to interested ancestors and other parties (please see also my answers on How to find information on German soldiers from World War I and World War II? and Returning World War I era German dog tags?).

Otherwise you can use address directories like Das Örtliche to contact possible family members. Please note that Schamberger is a common name in this border Region of Thuringia/Bavaria. Returning the book to the wrong Schamberger or some uninterested ancestor has the risk of the record being destroyed, getting lost or being put on eBay. I’d contact WASt instead.


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