Finding B.213 forms for Australian Nurse serving mainly in Egypt during World War I?


This is a follow on question from Interpreting Service Record of QAIMNS nurse in Egypt at time of Gallipoli campaign? which could be referred to for additional background.

My great grand aunt Eleanor Bessie Stacy (1879-1925) was a World War I nurse with Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS) and later the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS).

I have a copy of her QAIMNS service record (WO/399/7869) from The National Archives and a small excerpt from that is pictured below.

enter image description here

The last column mentions "B213" and my understanding from various web pages like Researching Canadian Soldiers of the First World War is that the B213 forms are a "Record of promotions, reductions, transfers, casualties, etc., during active service".

Does anyone know if the B.213 forms related to an Australian Nurse serving mainly in Egypt during World War I are likely to have survived?


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As far as I know B213 was a form relating to the field strength of a military unit, so you'd need to start with the unit(s) she served in rather than with her. See for an example.

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Many thanks for that link - I had not seen what that form looked like until then - I'll start making that list of her units and see where I can take it from there. It does not look like a form designed for naming individuals so hopefully the QAIMNS re-purposed it to do so or that I can associate her movements with their reassignments. – PolyGeo – 2015-04-25T13:07:41.977

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