Source for Russian Army records for the WWI period


Is there a source with records of the participants and/or casualties of the Russian army during the WWI period (1914-1918) and thereabouts? Preferably on-line and indexed/searchable by name(s), birthplace, place of residence and whatever else data the authorities gathered for the recruits.

Martin Sojka

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There are some sources but they are fragmented and most of them are not digitized yet.

One online source about WWI casualties for 1914-1915 years is in the Russian State Library. It's far from being complete, but it's the largest online source I know of.

I don't think there are any indexed/searchable sources at all.


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There is a Russian website that has a project going to provide the data within pdf format spreadsheets. These are also in Russian and provided according to Russian province. You can find these records at .


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I've had simliar questions about those records (and those of WWII). For WWI I was directed to try

Peter Kulas

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