Does DNA match of 1,781 cM suggest half siblings?


I have been contacted by someone who says we are half sisters due to our DNA match. Our DNA is 1,781 which apparently is a high match.

Would this make us half sisters?

I am an only child and she is adopted.

Mary Ann Arkinstall

Posted 2021-02-07T01:40:43.617

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Another task for DNAPainter

It says possible relationships are:

  • Grandparent
  • Aunt / Uncle
  • Half Sibling
  • Niece / Nephew
  • Grandchild

I'm guessing that you can rule out some/most of these.

Half-sister is quite possible for people who share 1781 cM of DNA; they usually fall between 1160 and 2436 cM, and 1781 is right in the middle of that range.

Marshall Clow

Posted 2021-02-07T01:40:43.617

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