Where was Kolashine, Russia?


I am researching my great-grandmother. In a naturalization form on 1936-04-23, she listed her place and date of birth as Kolashine, Russia, 1888-11-09.

Source: https://www.ancestry.com/imageviewer/collections/2280/images/31301_168428-00442

Where is Kolashine, Russia?

The only thing close to this that I've found is Kolasin, Montenegro, but this area has never been a part of Russia, so I guess that must not be the same place. Her husband was Polish (from the disputed Russian-Poland division area) so I thought perhaps it was in this same area, but I've searched google, ancestry.com, and oldmapsonline.org and found no results.

Following the advice on FamilyTree's wiki section for Russian Poland, I checked the relevant section of the 1877 Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Poland, but didn't find anything that looked like a match.

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Source: https://www.sbc.org.pl/dlibra/publication/11404/edition/10794/content?ref=desc


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Phonetically, my immediate guess was Kalyazin in Tver' oblast, Russia. (However this town is north of Moscow and not very close to Poland.)

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