Birth certificate in Algeria


I am trying to get the birth certificates of two people who were born in 1920 in Algeria in "Sidi - Biraber" and in "Sebdon Oran".

By the names and surnames I believe the individuals were Spanish but born in Algeria.

And I can't find the towns, could it be that they changed their name?

In my father's birth certificates it says that his mother and grandmother were born in those two cities as I have written them.

Javi García

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¡Hola Javi! ¿Cuál es el origen de la información que tienes sobre los nombres de las localidades "Sidi - Biraber" y "Sebdon Oran"? ¿Es esto de una acta de defunción o de un censo u otro documento? / Hi Javi, what is the origin of the information that you have about the names of the towns "Sidi - Biraber" and "Sebdon Oran"? Is this from a death certificate or a census or another document? – shoover – 2020-08-18T17:19:23.633

Based on and other internet articles, I wonder if Sebdon might be Sebdou? Basado en y otros artículos de Internet, me pregunto si Sebdon podría ser Sebdou.

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Sebdon is mentioned in

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En las partidas de nacimiento de mi padre pone que su madre y abuela nacieron en esas dos ciudades tal cual las he escrito. (Y perdona por lo del ingles...) – Javi García – 2020-08-19T15:56:18.397



Algeria at the time was part of France. Algerian archives were only partially (about 60-70%) brought back to France when Algeria gained their independence in the 1960s. Whichever registers were brought back have been digitalized and put online for free on the ANOM website. Records prior to 1904 have been indexed, and records prior to 1918 are online.

Births from 1920 are a little too recent to be online, but they might be available from the Service Central d'Etat-Civil. You'll need to be more precise in your demand.

I agree with other people that Sebdon Oran is most likely Sebdou and Sidi - Biraber is most likely Sidi bel Abbès.


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Based on and other internet articles, Sidi - Biraber might be Sidi Bel Abbès:

"Sidi Bel Abbès town, northwestern Algeria, on the Wadi Mekerra in the Tell Atlas Mountains".

Sidi - Biraber could be a corruption of Sidi Bel Abbès.

Trevor Rix

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