Finding out more about Haynes, Sparrell & Co letterhead from 1901 in Boston?


Sparrell is a fairly rare last name so I google seach it occasionally and search on various sites. On ebay I ran across an envelope from "Hayes, Sparrell & Co." to A.J. Ives, Brandon, VT postmarked in Boston, MA on Jun 3, 1901 (back when it cost 2 cents to mail a letter). The return address is:

Haynes, Sparrell & Co. 
301 Congress St.
Boston, Massachusetts

How do I find out more about this company and which Sparrell is on the masthead?


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My grandfather was a director of the sparrel print do in the 1930s. Would like to know more. Best info I have that he was a business man that lived in Boston. – Joe walsh – 2018-06-10T04:31:25.413



I'm not sure what you want to know, but here is what I found: enter image description here


So, this (along with other adds) leads me to believe they were a shoe company specializing in rubber soled shoes and boots.

I also found an entry in an 1893 New England Telephone directory:

Haynes, Sparrell & Co Boots & Shoes

Here is a patent from 1908 filed by Haynes, Sparrell & Co.

So they were in business at least from 1893-1908.


A 1911 paper stating:

George R. Sparrell, of the old firm of Haynes, Sparrell & Co., is representing Dunham Bros. Co. in Greater Boston. (emphasis mine)

He was possibly married to Ella B Sparrell, but I have no solid proof yet.

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