Looking to trace name of only witness via signature on Baptism Cert 1870 Dublin St Pauls


Child born = Elizabeth Gibson, 25th May 1870, parents Samuel Gibson, Rose McGauran, residence, 64 Arbour Hill (in Dublin not in script)

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Witness = ??, could be Catherine ??? – Looking to trace name of witness?enter image description here

Source: St. Paul's, Dublin City, Dublin, Ireland,



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5I'm looking at it on a phone screen, but I'd say it's Catharine King. – sempaiscuba – 2020-03-20T02:15:40.787



agree - Catherine King

Just to clarify it's St. Paul's RC (i.e. Arran Quay), there was also a St. Paul's CofI nearby

The residence on the (civil) birth registration is different for some reason, maybe they moved between the birth and baptism (25th May - 3rd June) - appears to be 9 Usher street. The birth was at the lying in hospital, no firstname for the child in the record.

64 Arbour Hill and 9 Usher street are both shown as tenements in Thom's Directory street listings around that time.


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