Finding marriage and birth certificates for ancestors from Malta who married in 1904


I have all certificates i need for Maltese Citizenship on my maternal lines however I have fallen short with my great grandparents! Despite 3 months of writing to different bodies I am non the wiser. Of course I have their names but no birth or marriage dates - I need birth certs and marriage certs and short of travelling to Malta i am a little stumped. I know that my great grandfather was called Spiridione Caruana and that he married Maria Borg and they had my grandmother in January 1904 - but I cannot find a trace of them and think that Spiridionie when under a different name.


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Do you know whether/when they left Malta, and where they ended up? FamilySearch has a collection called "Passport applications, 1815-1934" for Malta so they might be in there. Unfortunately, while the applications are arranged generally one year per digitized microfilm roll, within each roll there does not appear to be an index, so you will need to search patiently. Also, you will need to be able to read cursive Latin, and realize that even the names were translated (e.g. Joseph -> Giuseppe, James -> Giacomo). Odd, I just realized that while the document is in Latin, the names are Italian. – shoover – 2020-03-03T04:57:27.423

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