Determining cause of death from Spanish death certificate


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I am trying to decipher this cause of death. The added complication is that it is written in Spanish:

Cause of Death

These are the phrases that I do know:

  • ayer -> yesterday
  • cuatro horas -> four hours (I don't know if that is AM or PM)
  • certificado medico -> medical certificate
  • este cuidad -> this city

Excluding accents this is what I have:

fallecio en su domicilio el dia de ayer a las cuatro horas y - minutos, a consecuencia de coma ? ? ? segun resulta de certificadio medifico y reconocimiento practicado, y su cadaver habra de recibir sepultura en el cementerio de este cuidad.

In English:

died at her home on the day of yesterday at four hours and - minutes, as a result of coma ? ? ? as it results from the medical certificate and recognition practice, and her body will receive a burial in the cemetery of this city.

Andrew Truckle

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I'm no great shakes at Spanish but fortunately many medical terms derive from the same Latin and Greek roots:

coma urémico, esclerosis generalizada

Translates to: Uraemic coma, generalized sclerosis

Presumably kidney failure, it is unclear whether the sclerosis was a primary or secondary problem.

Harry Vervet

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