What is the profession "Greensman" in 1937?


So I have this marriage certificate from 1937 in Chichester. The profession of the father looks to me to be:


I might have read the text incorrectly. Here is the source:


I Googled the profession but it talks about film making so I do not think it was that. Can anyone explain what this profession was?

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@ColeValleyGirl I guess that I felt that green screens etc were used in more recent years and not in the 1930s. – Andrew Truckle – 2019-02-16T13:32:43.420

Ah, like noted here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greensman. I just read the word "film-making"!

– Andrew Truckle – 2019-02-16T13:50:43.883

@ColeValleyGirl At the moment I have not found the 1939 record that I think is correct. – Andrew Truckle – 2019-02-16T14:20:54.383



I do not believe you've read the text incorrectly, and can suggest 2 possibilities:

  1. A greensman associated with the film (and perhaps theatre) industry -- somebody who was responsible for the plants, flowers, landscaping etc. used on set during filming.

  2. A greensman (or greenkeeper) who maintains the greens at a golf source or other sporting facility (perhaps associated with a school)

You could explore the possibilities by (a) looking for matching candidates in the 1939 register; (b) researching the 1930s film industry in the UK to see if the location involved supports an involvement with filming; (c) looking for golf clubs, schools and sports grounds in the relevant area.


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