What newspapers/magazines would people have used in Solloghodmore Ireland around 1850?


What newspapers, magazines, etc would people have used in Solloghodmore/Solloghod-more around 1800-1899?

I'm looking for:

  • death notices
  • news stories
  • advertising
  • etc

Basically looking for information around the areas of Drumwood, Chadville, Clonganhue and Moanmore.

Daniel Ryan

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YOu'll have seen https://www.johngrenham.com/c_parish/c_parish_main.php?civilparishid=2291&civilparish=Solloghodmore&county=South%20Tipperary which gives a general list of newspapers for Tipperary...

– ColeValleyGirl – 2018-05-26T15:49:31.097

Oh nice it gives a lot of sources that I can look up for information. – Daniel Ryan – 2018-05-27T02:40:06.430



Most countries have what was called a "Union List of Newspapers", published by their National Library. These are now being migrated to online catalogues and databases. As SOLLOGHODMORE is in Tipperary a search of this database on The National Library of Ireland website should help: https://www.nli.ie/en/catalogues-and-databases-printed-newspapers.aspx. For online access you need to check the Irish Newspaper Archive (https://www.irishnewsarchive.com/) and/or the British Newspaper Archive. If there is nothing to assist your search I would look at contacting the local county library service who may be able to provide more specific information.

Maureen West

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