Is there a way to rename a surname in an Ancestry tree?


I imported a GEDCOM and the accents in the GEDCOM got misinterpreted for some surnames. I'd like to fix this by doing a global replace of one surname with another, to replace the improper Kovaïč with the correct Kovačič. I could do it one at a time on but there are around 300, so that is very slow. Instead, I'd like to edit en mass.

I tried editing the 2017 format .ftm file on my Mac that syncs with, but it is not text format, so the surname does not appear as plain text in it. If I export to GEDCOM and edit the GEDCOM, can I import it back into the same tree and not end up with two copies of people (incorrect and correct spelling)? If I export to GEDCOM and make a new tree, would I risk losing any information?


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1I think your approach is basically a good one. A find & replace in a GEDCOM file would be quick, because it's textual. As for whether there's data loss... I don't believe so, but the best way is to try it yourself. Keep two trees on for the time being, then play around, and see if any info is lost. I would pay close attention to the "sources" and "facts" info on persons, to see if they're preserved properly. – Noldorin – 2018-03-21T22:54:35.700

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