How did the surname Ormond originate?


I'm trying to understand how the surname Ormond originated.

It is clustered primarily in South West Wales, Dublin and Angus in Scotland.

In Dublin, the surname comes from a place name in East Munster, Urhumhain, but how it came to be found in other places is a complete mystery to me.

The south West Wales branch may simply be an immigration, but I find that explanation makes less sense for Angus. There was an Earldom of Ormond in Angus but the surname predates this as I know of a Mathow Ormond who is recorded on Scotland's people in the 1500s.

In the 1500s and 1600s, the surname is not found anywhere in Scotland outside of Angus.


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According to the Dictionary of British Surnames by John Titford:

Ormond(e): Irish: Anglicised form of Gaelic O'Ruaidh altered by folk entymology so that it resembles Ormond, a regional name in East Munster. Also found in Lancs and in other parts of England, Scotland and Wales.


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