What town is meant by the location Gorn. Laknic?


I have a transcription provided by the Ljubljana church archives of Slovenia that says that Jozefa Zaman was born at Gorn. Laknic 8 on 17 Aug 1843. You can see an example of this underlined in red in this the Status Animarium (S.A.) from the Šentrupert parish: enter image description here

According to the Ljubljana translator, from Slovenian, this means "Upper Laknice" in English, but I don't locate any such town in my Google searches.

Here is another S.A. record from Šentrupert: enter image description here

And here is an S.A. from the Ljubljana archives for book to 1873 to 1885: enter image description here

And one last S.A. from Ljubljana for book 1886 to 1897: enter image description here

Here is an extra S.A. from what appears to be the brother of Jozefa that shows the same town of birth: enter image description here

What is the proper name of the town and where exactly is it located? What is its parish (e.g., Šentrupert) and what diocese (e.g., Ljubljana).


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Place is probably Gorenje Lakovnice, Novo Mesto, Slovenia, "and belongs to the Parish of Novo Mesto–Šmihel".

As in a previous answer, Fuzzy Gazetteer and GOV led to the above result.

In the record images, "Gorn." is clearly an abbreviation; the full word seems to have a number of grammatical forms, depending on the following word.


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Do you think Gorenje Lakovnice means same thing as Upper Laknice per the archivist's direction at the diocese? What does Gorenje translate to in English? – WilliamKF – 2018-01-07T17:38:13.523

I don't speak Slovenian - but the initial letters "gor" are Slovenian for "up" – bgwiehle – 2018-01-07T18:01:46.550