Finding out the ethnicity of your DNA matches?


I've seen people discussing things like "I'm English but I have a bunch of Polish matches" with regard to DNA genealogy.

How exactly do you go about finding the ethnicity of your matches?

By emailing them only, looking at surnames, looking at family trees, etc.?


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1Hi Milena, welcome to G&FH SE. Is it possible to include a reference to an example of the discussion you're referring to? It's not really clear from your example whether they're referring to the nationality or ethnicity of the tester. – Harry Vervet – 2017-07-27T14:59:02.517

1The answer to your question will be different depending on which DNA testing company the speaker is talking about. – Jan Murphy – 2018-06-28T20:48:12.900


MyHeritage DNA allows you to see the ethnicity estimates of your matches. I show an example in my blog post today about their new filtering features.

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To see how I find out the ethnicity estimate for one of my matches at AncestryDNA try the following steps from its front page:

  1. Click on the DNA tab at the top
  2. Click View All DNA Matches
  3. Click the name of one of your matches
  4. Click on the Ethnicity tab

You should see an estimate of your and their ethnicity compared:

enter image description here


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