Any Russian Orthodox records of Kamchatka priests around 1800?


Yakov Volkov might have been a priest in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky around 1800 or slightly before. The Irkutsk bishop who appointed or sent him might have been Beniamin Bagranskii (1789-1814). The "traveling" or "expedition" church founded by Bering had already been destroyed and rebuilt.

Is there a Church reference that might identify him?

Glenn Farris in "So Far From Home" (2012) named Yakov as a priest and as the father of Osip Volkov. His source is uncited. Perhaps the only primary reference to the elder Volkov in the Latin script is in the Santa Cruz Mission sacramental registers, where Marion Pokriots found it for her essay, "Branciforte's Russian Alcalde."

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It is difficult question because of the not well working archive system in Russia. I believe that such books are hold in the "Российском Государственном историческом архиве Дальнего Востока" in the Vladivostok. Their e-mail is Another option is State Archive of Kamchatskiy Kray:

You could try also to use But the Russian language is not easy.

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