Am I part Canadian?


If my dad and grandma were both born in Canada but my grandfather was born in the US, does that mean I am part Canadian?

They are all US citizens and all my ancestors after my grandma came from other places.

If so how much would the percentage be?

Zach Miller

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The basis for this calculation comes from Determining ethnicity according to ancestry? and the way I would describe your ethnicity depends on how many generations of ancestors you wish to include.

I would assume that any ancestors you do not mention were born in the same country as the ancestor that came after them. This would make you, by my calculation:

  • 50% Unknown from your mother (and her unspecified ancestors)
  • 25% US from your paternal grandfather
  • 25% Canadian from your paternal grandmother

Such calculations are interesting as we start to examine who we think we are, but I suggest trying to uncover your genealogy and family history using the many techniques that are the subject of the Q&As on this site, in order to discover the really interesting mix that you, like all of us, will be.


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My moms side comes from Germany and I am not sure when that ended cause my moms parents are american and I think so are her grandparents. Plus my dad always talks about how I am romanian cause I do have ancestors from there and I think it ended when my great grandparents came over to north america after that I have no clue. – Zach Miller – 2016-09-16T00:05:00.480

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