Reference Key for Injuries for WWI German Casualty Lists?


Is anyone aware of a quick reference or list of injuries / cause of death for German Casualty lists, such as in the following example.

This doesn't appear to be just a death list, but any injury from translating a few but also seems to be broad.

I do not read or speak German, and Google Translate for like 'gefallen' says 'like' which doesn't make sense and also the 'bermenbet' I tried doesn't translate.. it could at least partially be my reading of German but would think it would be expedite my readings of these with a key.

enter image description here

I also looked at the very broad WWI and WWII German Soldier question and didn't see something jumping out in the links there as well as some other website's including Family Search's German Military Record page.

Is there a key to the casualty lists and more specifically the injuries / deaths associated with them?


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Possible duplicate of ? It's probably best to leave both questions on the site -- some people will find the English one and some with title in German.

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Casualties in the Verlustlisten include the following keys and abbreviations:

  • t or (“tot”) – dead
  • gefallen – killed in action
  • † an seinen schweren Wunden – died because of his serious injuries
  • v. or verw. (“verwundet”) – wounded
  • l.v. (“leicht verwundet”) – slightly wounded
  • s.v. or schw. verw. (“schwer verwundet”) – seriously wounded
  • l.v.b.d.Tr. (“leicht verwundet, bei der Truppe”) – slightly wounded, but with the troops
  • Gefgsch. (“Gefangenschaft”) – POW
  • G + (“Gefangenschaft †”) – died as POW
  • A.N. (“Auslands-Nachricht”) – message from abroad
  • vermißt – missing in action
  • bisher vermißt, verwundet – missing until now, wounded
  • † infolge Krankheit – died because of illness
  • Res. Feldlaz. ("Reserve Feldlazarett") – Reserve field hospital or aid station
  • zum 3. Male verwundet – wounded for the 3rd time
  • durch Unfall schwer verletzt – seriously injured because of an accident


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