Marriage certificate of ancestor in Caracas


I am in Europe and have an ancestor who lived in Caracas and married around 1930 to 1940 in Venezuela, most likely in Caracas. He died in 1990.

Where can I find his marriage certificate? Can I request this kind of document online at the local Alcaldía (city hall) in Caracas?

Til Hund

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You could try the Venezuela Civil Registration, 1873-2003 registers available on They contain Births, marriages, deaths, indexes and other records created by civil registration offices in Venezuela.

If that doesn't work then definitely contact the local city hall. According to the US Embassy in caracas:

The Civil Code states that a civil marriage can only be contracted between a woman and a man, and it must be performed in the municipality where either the man or the woman resides.

So the record should be in the Municipality that the marriage took place.

You could also try contacting the Embassy of Venezuela in the United States of America. They might be able to offer more help in English rather than Spanish and probably have experience locating marriage records. Or contact whichever Embassy of Venezuela is applicable for your country of residence in Europe.

Danny Barber

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1...Or contact whichever Embassy of Venezuela is applicable for Til's country of residence in Europe. – bgwiehle – 2016-02-08T12:39:12.390

Added that to the answer, thanks @bgwiehle – Danny Barber – 2016-02-09T09:17:57.563