Data Science Podcasts?



What are some podcasts which are related to data science?

This is a similar question to the reference request question on CrossValidated.


  • The podcasts (the theme and the episodes) should be related to data science. (For example: A podcast which is about some other domain, with an episode which speaks about data science in that domain, is not a good reference/answer.)
  • Personal opinions/reviews (if any) would be very helpful too.


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I strongly suggest Talking Machines. It's a very well put together podcast from a professor at Harvard. They cater to both machine learning experts and enthusiasts.

Their interviews are often done from NIPS, and the guests are usually top tier practitioners.


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(+1) Thanks! That's a nice one. Heard a couple from that podcast. I would vouch for their quality. – Dawny33 – 2015-11-24T12:32:50.947


In Data Skeptic they talk about different aspects of data science:

Data Skeptic is a podcast that alternates between short mini episodes with the host explaining concepts from data science to his non-data scientist wife, and longer interviews featuring practitioners and experts on interesting topics related to data, all through the eye of scientific skepticism.

This is a good intro to Data Science which also explains the basic concepts in a not too technical way.

A bit more technical is Partially Derivative:

Partially Derivative is a podcast about the data of everything. Each week we look at a new way that data has changed how we understand and experience the world. From ancient warfare to modern love and everything in between.

A related Quora question: What are the best data science podcasts?


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Some which I regularly hear to, are:

It is a very nice podcast, where not only the concepts, but also the applications of data science to a wide range of domains, are discussed.

It focuses more on ML and concepts of data science. Hosted by two really nice data scientists Katie and Ben. All their episodes are fun to watch.

  • Partially Derivative (Already mentioned by agold)
  • Data Skeptic (Already mentioned by agold)
  • Talking Machine (Already mentioned by jamesmf)
  • Freakonomics

It is a fun podcast which focuses on data and it's importance in various domains and how to make sense of it.


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1What's the Point is great. – j.a.gartner – 2015-11-27T21:52:17.110


Not So Standard Deviations by Hilary Parker and Roger Peng! Fun little podcast where they talk about a variety of things. They only have 4 episodes out currently, but they seem to be releasing one every two weeks, so there's that.

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Here are two other podcasts not mentioned previously:

  • OCDQ: for some interesting discussions on data quality and Big Data.
  • Learning Machine 101: for begginer level discussion on machine learning.


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The R-Podcast is a podcast about data analysis in R. Other cases are O'Reilly Data Show and O'Reilly Radar Podcasts


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