Best Julia library for neural networks



I have been using this library for basic neural network construction and analysis.

However, it does not have support for building multi-layered neural networks, etc.

So, I would like to know of any nice libraries for doing advanced neural networks and Deep Learning in Julia.


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Mocha.jl - Mocha is a Deep Learning framework for Julia, inspired by the C++ framework Caffe.

Project with good documentation and examples. Can be run on CPU and GPU backend.

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I think they stopped developing Mocha and MXNet is the way to go forward. See malmaud's comment here:

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I've used Mocha for a while, it's got some issues and lacks a community, I concur that MXNet is where active development is. There's also a Julia wrapper for Tensorflow: (disclamer: I haven't used either, MXNet or the TF Julia Wrapper)

– davidparks21 – 2016-10-08T22:19:58.260


MXNet Julia Package - flexible and efficient deep learning in Julia


  • Fast
  • Scales up to multi GPUs and distributed setting with auto parallelism.
  • Lightweight, memory efficient and portable to smart devices.
  • Automatic Differentiation



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Just to add a more recent (2019) answer: Flux.

Flux is an elegant approach to machine learning. It's a 100% pure-Julia stack,
and provides lightweight abstractions on top of Julia's native GPU and
AD support. Flux makes the easy things easy while remaining fully hackable.

For example:

model = Chain(
  Dense(768, 128, σ),
  LSTM(128, 256),
  LSTM(256, 128),
  Dense(128, 10),

loss(x, y) = crossentropy(model(x), y)

Flux.train!(loss, data, ADAM(...))


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As of Oct 2016 there's also a Tensorflow wrapper for Julia.


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One newer library to look at as well is Knet.jl. It will do things like use GPUs under the hood.

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