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enter image description here I have boolean columns in my dataset that represents labels. 1 for True 0 For false. Each of those labels is part of a group. (ex: Group "type" contains "bug"= True/False and "feature"=True/False). I want to filter data dynamically based on the parameter input I set my parameter up for all labels accordingly and added it to the filter tab.

enter image description here

Now I want to dynamically filter using this parameter. ie, if user selects type="bug" all values in column "Type:Bug"=0 needs to be filtered out from the view.

I understand this can be done via calculations:

enter image description here

this is what i've tried (but does not work):

I have created a calculated field and added it to filters.. Please help me filter using parameters.

Devarshi Goswami

Posted 2020-11-22T16:58:11.940

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