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I am trying to understand sentiment analysis and how to apply it using any language (R, Python etc). I would like to know if there is a good place on internet for tutorial that I can follow. I googled, but I wasn't very much satisfied because they were not tutorials but more of theory. I want theory and practical examples.


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Adam Bittlingmayer

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Yeah, the tutorials by StramHacker are the best out there for NLP with Python. – Dawny33 – 2015-10-12T05:52:21.243

The top result on Google for [sentiment analysis with python] links to it, but somehow it itself is not up there. In any case I think adding [with python] drastically shifts the Google results towards practical coding tutorials, my guess is that that exact query formulation simply did not occur to the OP. – Adam Bittlingmayer – 2015-10-12T05:56:57.547


The NLTK book is by far the best tutorial on basic NLP I have seen(in Python).

The Coursera course on NLP is also fairly good. It takes off from the basics and takes the student to a novice level.


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As Dawny said i would suggest NLTK Book too. And in R language 'tm' library is pretty useful. So try here for more related text mining stuff with R. r-blog also worth of consider. good luck.


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