Data mining: Clique based clustering to make comparison in social network analysis


I am a very beginner in data mining. I want to work on Clique based clustering method. I want to make a comparison between various datasets for social network analysis or community detection of social network analysis. Now I need more than 3 datasets and source code (Python code) to make the comparison in terms of social network analysis. The data set can be older or new that would not be any problem. But I want to work on at least 3 datasets from different domains and sizes to make a better comparison.

Please may help me to give enough instruction.

Thanks a lot.

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There are over 300 social networks captured in the Index of Complex Networks. Thats usually the best place to start.

While your quantitative method is not very clear, it sounds like you could start with networkx and use something like find_cliques. There is also a community detection method built for all types of subgraphs, not just cliques Benson et al. (2018).


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