Use Tableau with Graph Database Neo4j to Visualize Pickup and Dropoff Points in Different Colors



I'm tryin to visualize taxi trips in NYC with Tableau. I've stored the data in a graph database (Neo4J) and connected Tableau to the database via a JDBC connector.

My problem is, that I want to visualize pickup and dropoff points in different colors, but so far I did not find any way to do it.

Both types of points are labeled as RoadPoints and the connection between a Request (they are PICKED_UP_AT and DROPPED_OFF_AT) is the only way to distinc these two sets of points. The underlying graph data model should not be changed.

Part of the data and its structure

I have multiple ideas, like creating a custom SQL query or using multiple data sources. But I've no idea what is the best way to do it, because I'm new to Tableau. Maybe anyone of you can point me in the right direction or show me a working example.

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