Which of the NIPS 2014 papers are most significant, and why?


As a newcomer to the field, I find many of the NIPS 2014 papers fascinating, but it is difficult for me to evaluate which ones represent real progress over current approaches.

Which papers do you think are most significant and are likely to have a major impact?

Michael R. Bernstein

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for 2013: https://www.quora.com/What-were-the-scientific-highlights-of-NIPS-2013

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These questions are generally considered too broad for SE, being mostly opinion-based – Sean Owen – 2015-08-23T06:50:03.160



The awards went to "Asymmetric LSH (ALSH) for Sublinear Time Maximum Inner Product Search (MIPS)" by Anshumali Shrivastava and Ping Li and "A* Sampling" by Chris J. Maddison, Daniel Tarlow, and Tom Minka.
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