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Is there any comprehensive list of past, current and future NLP challenges?

E.g. for NLP conferences, Joel Tetreault's unofficially official conference calendar and WikiCFP are pretty good.

The "Competitions and Challenges" page on the ACL wiki quite incomplete.

Franck Dernoncourt

Posted 2015-08-15T01:08:48.490

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1I don't know of a comprehensive list, but for now Kaggle has an open NLP competition. They tend to appear regularly on their website. – phiver – 2015-08-15T08:36:16.970


The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) challenge is currently live on Kaggle. I suppose the dataset will remain there after the competition has ended in case anyone needs it.

– wacax – 2015-12-05T20:30:56.073

@wacax Thanks, do some Kaggle contests sometimes remove the data sets after the end of the contest? – Franck Dernoncourt – 2015-12-05T21:02:13.720


Not really, as far as I know. However this particular challenge does have a restriction, that the questions in this contest should not be published or shared and should only be used for your work in the competition. More info here:

– wacax – 2015-12-05T21:13:29.330

@wacax FYI Do some Kaggle contest organizers remove the data sets after the end of the contest?

– Franck Dernoncourt – 2015-12-05T21:28:50.247



List of NLP competitions on Kaggle by popularity [number of teams]:

Rajesh Gupta

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Neat. Maybe ordering by end-date would be more useful. – smci – 2018-08-18T03:08:56.820