Meaning of 'hue" in seaborn


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I know what "hue" does a little

I'm studying kaggle and the image is about bike sharing demand analysis

What I want to know is

shouldn't the second images's sum of each point's y axis be the first images's point's y axis??


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You would expect that to be the case, however, by default seaborn.pointplot uses the average estimator to calculate the number for each hour. So the numbers you are seeing on the y-axis is the average number of bikes shared for each hour. Since the number of bikes shared is not equal for category workingday=0 and workingday=1 the two averages for those categories do not add up. Using estimator=sum for seaborn.pointplot does give the expected results.

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you are right I missed "It is important to keep in mind that a point plot shows only the mean (or other estimator) value" in

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