Tableau: Clustering based on value-range for map coloring



Is there a possibility to cluster coloring for certain statistical ranges?

This is what I have been able to achieve so far.

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John Smith

Posted 2019-12-31T09:17:39.660

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You can, as an example, create a binned field for the measure. The value range can be specified in the tooltip. I used a single color based continuous palette since (population) total is a continuous field.

[Edited] Based on your comment, I tested with a fixed dimension based binned field for the continuous measure. At least in my example file, the values make more sense now with the new binned field. I see China at 16M population, India at 14M and so on.

enter image description here

If this solution is relevant to your use case, you will need to be careful with dimensions included/excluded in the fixed calculation.


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That's what I had initially. The thing is, I am ZN(SUM(..)), so NULLs are replaced with 0. Maybe N/A shall be used for those countries. Anyway. I want to cluster the colors based on SUM ranges. If that is possible. Thanks for you response. – John Smith – 2019-12-31T16:19:01.853

@Andewan09, can I send you my twbx och excel files? – John Smith – 2020-01-01T08:35:56.433

Adewan09, we have different statistical data, I am not able to produce what you produced. However, if possible, I can send all of my files over to you and let you tweak with them and send them back to me. Thanks a lot. – John Smith – 2020-01-01T11:12:49.777

1@JohnSmith, sure send your files over – Adewan09 – 2020-01-01T14:13:45.227

Adewan09, where can I send the files? – John Smith – 2020-01-01T14:55:52.527 – John Smith – 2020-01-01T15:05:59.323