Is there an alternative to Google Maps to find GPS coordinates of a place in Germany?


For probably any place on Earth, you can search it in Google Maps, make right-click, pick the option "What's here" and you get GPS coordinates.


If I don't want to use Google Maps API, is there an alternative open API to get GPS coordinates by address? To be less broad, say in Germany?

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Never tried, but city mapper API let you probably do it:

– Jeanba – 2019-12-12T16:05:55.873



There are a number of APIs for OpenStreetmap, e.g. via html request:örsterstrasse,%20heidelberg&format=json&polygon=1&addressdetails=1

A json is returned. You can easily access the type of information you need.


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I have not used the api for this particular purpose, but has very similar map data access.


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