GPS Data Preprocessing Recommandations?


GPS Data Preprocessing

I got gps traces of busses which traveled from one place (bus station) to another. This file contains relevant(eg:- Data recorded between the starting bus station and ends with the destination stop) and irrelevant GPS traces(eg- traces recorded from bus station to the home of the bus driver). All the data of the month is in the same file. Looking for a efficient preprocessing technique to separate journeys from the file. The data fields in the files are "timestamp", "lat","lon". Can somebody suggest any techniques for this preprocessing step?

Sudeepa Nadeeshan

Posted 2019-10-07T05:05:39.897

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How do you yourself know which trace is relevant? – Dahn – 2019-10-07T14:46:57.047

@Dahn relevant traces are the traces which are recorded between the Origin and destination. example of non related ones would be "Driver's home location to Origin station". – Sudeepa Nadeeshan – 2019-10-08T05:46:25.683

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