What is the definition of knowledge within data science?


"Knowledge" is crucial within several fields like Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Distraction, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Big Data, etc etc etc.

What is the definition of knowledge within these fields?

Is there 1 common definition, or does it depend on the exact context?

Berit Larsen

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prior? likelihood? – SmallChess – 2015-06-05T12:01:15.473

1Is this not more of a discussion question than a question with an actual answer? – lennyklb – 2015-06-05T19:52:57.123

One cannot do science without a clear definition of terms, so I would be very surprised if there is no official, clear definition of this kind of knowledge – Berit Larsen – 2015-06-05T23:35:55.840



The definition of knowledge varies based on the context, but can be broadly defined as actionable information based on further analysis (statistical, heuristic, or otherwise) of those patterns, associations, or relationships identified in the raw data.

Put another way, knowledge is defined by what information will most prove actionable based on the needs of the client or user (sometimes called the semantics).


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Knowledge is a general term and I don't think that there exist definitions of knowledge for specific disciplines, domains and areas of study. Therefore, in my opinion, knowledge, for a particular subject domain, can be defined just as a domain-specific (or context-specific, as mentioned by @JGreenwell +1) perspective (projection) of a general concept of knowledge.

Aleksandr Blekh

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