How has data generation evolved over the years (and centuries)?


I would like to know how data generation has evolved through the years.

My end goal would be to generate a logarithmic line plot showing the ridiculous increase in data generation. Please, does someone have a reference for this? I couldn't find any. It's OK if you point me to a book (available on eBay) that has this information.


Edit: when I talk about data generation, I talk about combined information generated by both machines and humans. I know this is not very well defined, but, for example, before the inventions of computers, you can consider books and movies.

Guillermo Mosse

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Interesting question. You can try to get from the Gutenberg project the list of books and group them by year. These wikipedia lists might be helpful too

– DaL – 2020-11-25T07:39:21.040



You could search on Google Trends all the mentions to generative models. Similarly, you can do something like this on ArXive papers and/or Google Scholar.


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The thing is, I also want to know about the past centuries. – Guillermo Mosse – 2019-09-08T17:45:56.710

Could you please define what you mean by "data generation" then, especially referred to a time when computers didn't exist? – Leevo – 2019-09-09T07:20:10.753

Done, although I understand it is still not well defined. – Guillermo Mosse – 2019-09-10T09:40:23.797