Machine Learning alternative for hashing


Is there a Machine Learning technique that can used to detect the slightest change in data? I know this can be done using a hash but I was just wondering if there is any machine learning technique out there that can do this as well or close to it.


Posted 2019-09-03T04:24:33.833

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Before answering, just to get one thing straight:

"that can be used to detect the slightest change in data?" - you want to detect similar data, right? – Antonio Jurić – 2019-09-03T07:11:14.630

@AntonioJurić not really similar data. Just to detect changes in data. Kind of like an anomaly detection. A change in data (addition or subtraction) results in an alarm of some sort. – user3078335 – 2019-09-04T03:57:05.660

But if you just want to detect the slightest change in the data (and not to detect similar data) - then machine learning really seems like overkill since there are other methods which do exactly that. Like the one you mention: hashing, ... – Antonio Jurić – 2019-09-04T07:20:13.183

@AntonioJurić I know, it was just a shower thought. I was wondering how that could be implemented. But yeah, machine learning would not be efficient. – user3078335 – 2019-09-04T20:58:03.260

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