Self Union All in Tableau Public for Sankey Diagram


I'm following this 2017 YouTube tutorial from which I hope to learn Sankey diagrams.

At 2:28, he instructs us to select Convert to Custom SQL, after having opened the spreadsheet in legacy mode - in order to do a Union All of SalesData (on itself).


  • Legacy mode was not an option when opening
  • Convert to Custom SQL isn't in any of the options
  • All other Union options don't seem to allow for a Union All

Main Question:

  • How do I do a 'self' Union All on a table in Tableau Public?

Contextual Questions:

  • Is it that the Tableau UI has changed so much since 2017?
  • or, is this option not even available in Tableau Public?
  • or, is this just a bad direction for Sankey diagrams in the first-place?

Jonathan Rolfsen

Posted 2019-08-19T10:01:36.600

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