Network structure: k-cliques vs. p-cliques


In network structure, what is the difference between k-cliques and p-cliques, can anyone give a brief explaination with examples? Thanks in advanced!

EDIT: I found an online ppt while I am googling, please take a look on p.37 and p.39, can you comment on them?


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1In what context did you see these terms? It seems that p and k simply show the size of the subgraph, not a special category of them. – Amir Ali Akbari – 2014-06-19T17:07:13.287

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In graph theory a clique indicates a fully connected set of nodes: as noted here, a p-clique simply indicates a clique comoprised of p nodes. A k-clique is an undirected graph and a number k, and the output is a clique of size k if one exists.

Clique Problem


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an n-clique is something else altogether from a k-clique or a p-clique. The n-clique refers to a maximal distance between two subgroups, where a k-clique refers to a clique of size k, where k is some constant chosen, and a p-clique is simply a clique composed of p nodes again where p is a chosen constant – MCP_infiltrator – 2014-06-20T11:50:47.167